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This week a photo of Colorado highway mile-marker 419.99 has been circulating the Internet, saying that this was the Colorado Department of Transportation's answer to people stealing the 420 mile-marker. A lot of us thought it was just a doctored photo to get a few laughs coinciding with the legalization of marijuana in the state. However, it turns out the story is true!

9News confirmed with CDOT that they have had a lot of trouble with people stealing the 420 sign, due to the slang reference to pot, and they have replaced with with the 419.99 sign.

It's a traffic safety thing. It's a helpful thing to have these sings on the road. But people kept ripping them off.

I think it's a great idea. I mean, every sign that gets stolen has to be paid for and I'm pretty sure that comes out of our tax-paying pockets, so anything CDOT can do to deter people from stealing their signs, the better. (They also have had issues of people stealing the 69 mile-markers.)

I wonder if the new sign is going to become a bit of a distraction on the highway, I have a feeling a lot of people will be pulling over to take pictures of it in the next few weeks. At least that's better than people stealing it.

If you were wondering where this mile-marker sits, it's on I-70, just east of Stratton.

Well played Colorado. Well played.

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