This is probably one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard of.... An Aurora couple is charges of animal cruelty for allegedly having sex with a dog, a Siberian Hound named Bubba, numerous times.

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Ann Johansson, Getty Images

According to Sentinel Colorado, the couple recorded the acts in their motor home that is located on Fairplay Ct. from summer of 2016 to spring of 2017. Frederick Manzanares and Janette Solano are both facing four counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. The article states that law enforcement wanted to charge Manzanares with serveral more counts that included sex assault, kidnapping and burglary.

All I have to say.... We're sorry you had to go through this Bubba. Hopefully you will be able to find a home that your owners won't make you endure such horrible things.


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