Colorado College is moving its classes online for at least two and a half weeks following the discovery of 10 positive COVID-19 cases at the school.

According to Denver7, the institution has had to quarantine three residence halls, with one containing 155 of its estimated 2,000 students, since the school year began in August.

For now, the two and a half week period represents the school's Block 1, but the online format could extend further, as the station reports that school officials expect "rolling waves of large quarantines" in the future.

Aside from international students with no other options, students are being asked to leave campus by September 20.

On Thursday (September 3), the school will reveal which students will be able to return after Block 1. Some will be able to remain on campus if they are already enrolled in a hybrid learning class.

In the meantime, Colorado College is working on developing on-campus testing sites to better control outbreaks.

While many high, middle, and elementary schools have also switched to online learning due to COVID-19, Colorado College is the first major college to do so.

However, The New York Times reports that Colorado State University currently has the highest number of cases compared to other institutions in the state.

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