As Hurricane Harvey continues its path of destruction throughout Texas, resources and supplies are quickly dwindling, and shelves have completely cleared in many of the nearby grocery stores. 

Texas Gulf Coast Braces For Hurricane Harvey
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Thousands have already been rescued from the flooding waters, and many of these people were forced to leave home with only a small bag of their personal belongings. Now, left with nowhere to go and little to no food or water, they will be relying on the relief efforts of others just to survive.

Fortunately, lots of companies and organizations have already stepped up to provide disaster relief in some way or another during this time of need, including several Colorado-based breweries. Longmont's Oskar Blues Brewery stopped beer production for 20 hours so that they could instead make 88,000 cans of water to donate to the hurricane and flood victims in Texas. These cans are expected to arrive in Houston by the end of this week. MillerCoors has also sent 50,000 cans of drinking water to Texas, where they’ll be distributed to the American Red Cross for use at shelters. The Ball Foundation, which is based out of Broomfield, Colorado, works together with the Oskar Blues’ CAN’d Aid Foundation, MillerCoors, and the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program to provide drinking water to victims of flooding and other natural disasters all across the world. The breweries use aluminum cans for disaster relief because they are unbreakable and transport-efficient, infinitely recyclable, and effectively maintain the quality of the water inside.

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