Over the past 30 years we have many some very interesting, very kind, and very talented people. One of those people is The Artist Kelsie. She has been part of the K99 family for over 5 years.

Kelsie is a diverse multi-media artist that resides in Lakewood America, just west of Denver Colorado. With extensive experience in varied creative arts that range in media and community involvement; Kelsie is recently expressing again on canvas and is re-emerging of sorts after a several year absence from the art scene.

She recently launched a new website titled "The Artist Kelsie multi-dimensional works". The painting at the top of the page is titled "Old Man John". This one is called "Medicine woman":

Medicine Woman
The Artist Kelsie
TheArtist Kelsie paints "Hug Me" for the 28 Hours of Hope
Photo Courtesy of The Artist Kelsie

The piece she did for the 28 Hours of Hope is titled “I need a Hug”. Brian Gary bought the painting in our on-line auction and it now hangs in his home in Greeley.

I Need a Hug - The Artist Kelsie
Brian Gary, TSM

Kelsie is also famous for painting a sloppy joe on my belly, live on the air!

Sloppy Joe Painted on Belly
Drew Bankston, Star Painter Productions



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