Valentine's Day gifts don't need to cost a fortune, but many men end up spending a month's car payment or more anyway. Cole Swindell once tried to woo a girl with a high-priced gift. The problem was, he didn't have a girl in mind. And he had been drinking ...

"I come home from out at the bar," Swindell tells Taste of Country. (Has a story that starts that way ever turned out well?)

"I found myself on eBay and saw that George Strait was coming to Charleston with Taylor Swift and Ronnie Milsap. I got front row seats, I spent like $350," he continues.

So, who did he take? Well, the Georgia-born singer waited too long to ask a blonde or brown-haired country cutie, so he ended up sitting front row for Swift and the King ... with a fraternity buddy. "

That’s probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever done to impress a girl and it didn’t even work," Swindell says, laughing at the memory.

These days, the 'Chillin' It' singer -- whose self-titled debut album drops on February 18 -- says his game hasn't improved much, mostly because he's on the road all time. So, he still has no go-to move to romance a girl.

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