The average price of a gallon of gas is 45 cents higher than a year ago, and is known for rising as we head into the "summer vacation season," which is considered to kick off on Memorial Day Weekend.

When gas was over $4/gallon in the early 2000s, I got very familiar with  You just punch in the city & state or the zip code you're going to be in, and it gives you constantly updated comparisons of fuel prices between numerous locations.  Here, you can get the app for that.

Skylar McKinley from AAA says the recent increase is due to the great economy:  People are driving more, i.e. taking road trips, because they realize they can afford to.  He also cites uncertainty with the U.S.'s relationship with Iran now.

He then mentions that the increase over the next several months shouldn't amount to more than maybe 20 cents, and that, at least in Denver, anything under $2.70 is a great deal for gas currently.  And what do ya know:  Right now, it's $2.44 at Valero on North College & Willox.  In Loveland, the low is at Sam's Club at $2.62.


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