Granger Smith at Greeley Stampede
Jenny Harding, For TSM

Chris Janson and Granger Smith are both fantastic entertainers. Both are coming off a monster #1 hit. Both could have been headliners on Sunday night at the Greeley Stampede, but Granger got the short straw and went first. He put on an amazing show that included his alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.

I personally watched Chris Janson chug two bottle of water on stage and he would proceed to work so hard on stage for our entertainment that I am sure it took about 30 minutes to sweat all of that water out. What an amazing performer! If you missed the show on Sunday night, you may have missed the best show of the entire Stampede.

A big thank you to my lovely wife, Jenny, for getting pictures of the show an a few shots of Chris being interviewed by Justin Tyler.

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