When you think of Colorado, what food comes to mind? If you said green chile, you are on the same page as I am. Most of us in the state see the orangish green sauce as a staple of everyday food. However, green chile is not the most important food innovation in the state of Colorado.

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According to Thrillist, the most important innovation in Colorado food is Chipotle. To an extent, I would have to agree. Chipotle started in 1993 in Denver. Since the inception of the massive burritos, many other establishments followed suit.

The concept of fast-casual restaurants essentially started with Chipotle. Made to order customized food on an assembly line where you shout out what you want in your gigantic burrito is something that we all love.

For that reason, Chipotle will forever hold a special place in my heart, or should I say stomach.

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Source: Thrillist

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