Cheyenne Frontier Days had an awesome opening weekend, but why tell you about it when we can show you with our favorite Instagrams that YOU took?


We'll start off our photo journey through the last weekend with the sight we all see as we drive up to Cheyenne from Colorado -- the buffalo that says 'You've made it to Wyoming!'

We knew CFD had kicked off because... #OnlyInWyoming (Via @jacobbykphoto)

My Boring Closet, a fashion blogger from Denver, knew that any carnival is a great opportunity for a kitschy photo, so she hit up the corndog stand before seeing Little Big Town on Saturday night.

"Little weekend getaway to Cheyenne to casually lean against a corn dog stand I guess."

If you thought Cheyenne Frontier Days was all about Daisy Dukes, camo and bedazzled belts, Shaina Clifford's #OOTD shot in the Frontier Village proves otherwise.

As for that sunset that may have stolen the show... Taken by Cortney Dee, who claims she's an 'amateur photographer' -- that's a pretty spectacular photo.

It's always exciting to find your name on a Coke -- especially when your name is Marlen, and you're in Cheyenne. (And we love a good boomerang.) Cheers!

Ciararaemusic caught a cute coupled up cowboy and cowgirl on camera at her set at Cheyenne Frontier Days...

...While Hannah took a great shot from the crowd of Little Big Town on Saturday night.

It's not Cheyenne Frontier Days without a colorful celebration of our country's indigenous culture, as perfectly captured by Wendy Altschuler.

And, of course, our very own Hall of Famers, the Good Morning Guys!

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