For every person that complains about the cold weather in the Cowboy State, there are at least as many people that love it, if for no other reason than to enjoy our outdoor sports.

That is the case with 9-1-1: Lone Star actor, Rob Lowe, who recently shared picture and video of footage to his official Instagram account, of him and his stunt double hiking and skiing at the Grand Tetons.

You can tell the Golden Globe nominated actor was not use to the altitude by how winded he was in the video above. Not only was he sweating, but he was having quite the difficult time getting his thoughts and words together after his hike up the mountain. It was all worth it for Lowe, who captioned the second video (shown below) with:

After a long, hot, sweaty hike.. a reward was waiting!

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The 56-year old Parks and Recreation actor (who is also a producer and director), must feel pretty good about himself. Hiking those mountains is no small feat. Although it must be nice to have your own personal stunt double there, for moral and physical support... just in case.

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