FB-Elitch Gardens
FB-Elitch Gardens
Location: Denver, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: $35-$60 per person
Age Range: 21+Trip Time: 1-2 Days

About the Park

Elitch Gardens is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado and is the areas largest theme park. The park features a number of roller coaster including Boomerang, Mind Easer, Sidewinder, and their wooden coaster called Twister II. The park features dozens of other rides as well and caters to people of all ages. Your admission ticket also gets you into the attached water park free of charge! Here is a look at the park map...

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Park Hours

The park is open during the weekend through June and July (with the exception of July 4th where its open 10a-10p) 10a-8p. In August the park is open 10a-8p through the first full week and then 10a-7p. Weekend hours through most of the summer are 10a-9p of Friday and 10a-10p on Sat. There are always exceptions to the rules and they do have special events scheduled throughout the season so it is always best to call first to confirm their hours of operation.

Where to Find Discounts & Coupons

  • Elitch Gardens currently has a deal on a season pass, not only is it $10 dollars off it includes parking (and if I read it right that includes VIP parking to the first 300 guests-a $20 dollar value, it's $15 dollars for regular parking) and both parks. Along with that you will receive three bring a friend tickets, the catch, you have to use them by June 16th afterwards you only can use two bring a friends and only on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are also other perks including a coupon book good for food and games and such.
  • The Pepsi deal is in effect this year, bring a can of Pepsi (I did not find any data that said it had to be full, assuming it can be empty) and get $8 dollars off the entry price.
  • Buying your tickets online through Elitch Gardens will get you about a $11 dollar discount, given that the ticket prices I have found are accurate. It is my knowledge that a single day ticket w/o parking is $45.99, through the site you will pay $34.99
  • King Soopers offers discounted tickets at the customer service desk. Currently, and I telephoned the Windsor King Soopers, they have daily passes for $35.99
  • Group Tickets are a pretty good deal, a group is 15 or more people and come in at $24.99 per person. You will need to purchase these tickets through their online site.

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