I am all for hunting. I eat meat, I hunt and have many friends who hunt. But we hunt, we don't "bait" while waiting. Hunting means you are supposed to actually hunt.

This has always been an issue for me since the days when I lived in Alaska and learned to hunt big game animals from, well, hunters. That is supposed to be half the fun of hunting; to try and think like that animal and go find it which brings me to the issue of baiting animals to come to you.

If you think hunting means baiting the animal to come to you while you sit and sip on your latte and check your email, you are just plain lazy, and if you're hunting bear, a coward...in my humble opinion.

Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em!

By they way, drones are just as bad and in fact, Colorado this year was the first state to outlaw the use of drones to hunt. Seriously? Who would use a drone to spot their prey, hover and then move in for the kill. That, is just plain lazy. You might as well just stay home and buy meat from the store.

To hunt is just that...the hunt. That's the whole point besides claiming the meat to feed your family. I'm not much for trophy hunting either and I would flat-out beat someone senseless if I ever caught them wasting the spoils of the hunt. If you want to mount a head, bear skin or antler rack, awesome, but you had better be eating that meat as well.

A note especially to those bear hunters; Black, Brown (Grizzly is the same thing but they are found 100 miles from a coast, Brown bears live within a 100 miles of a coast and Kodiak bears are only found on Kodiak Island and the biggest and meanest of them all) or the mighty Kodiak; hunt them on their turf, like a real hunter, don't be a coward while hiding and baiting them to come to your gun.

If you can't handle the terrain, weather (hunting deer. moose etc.) and the fact you may be eaten, then just stay home.

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