A video editor I'm not, that's your first warning. Mike Neuerburg and I have also been known to use words that aren't family friendly, that's your second warning!

Although we came up short, considering everything that came our way with major breakdowns, weather, traffic etc., it was next to impossible to still pull off 9300 miles in the time we did. For those who said we failed (yes, there are some saying that) I can almost guarantee those people can't even change their own oil, or ride more than 500 miles in a single day. What Mike and I did this year and what I did last year is more than 99% of motorcycle riders could even fathom.

To those who say I/we failed, give it a try and then come talk to me. I sleep very well at night knowing what we did, considering all the obstacles that were placed in our way. We overcame odds that would have turned most home with their tail tucked between their legs on the second or third day of a motorcycle ride of this caliber. I have now attempted it twice, so until you have tried it once, put your bike back in the garage after your grueling 120 mile day ride; maybe you'll get your 10,000 miles in 10 years of riding.

Now that I got that off my chest, let's move on to my atrocious editing skills when it comes to video. Let me start by saying I shot around 63 videos during our attempt at riding 10,000 miles for Honor Flight Northern Colorado. To edit all the GoPro video I first had to download it all to my phone, then to the computer. This takes more time than you can possibly imagine. At that point, you then have to take all those videos and upload them to "movie maker" where you can start the editing process. This again, takes over an hour.

I tell you all this because I don't want you to make the same mistake I made!

NEVER, I repeat NEVER delete all your video until the editing process is done and your video makes it to YouTube.

I got all my video uploaded to Movie Maker and then saved the project, After doing that, I started to work on the project but somehow, moved some of the clips out of order and there is no "undo" button so I got lost, then frustrated! I saved the project again to work on it the next day and deleted all the video from my SD card and phone because I needed the room for the Christopher Horns Highway Memorial Dedication.

When I opened the ride file again, all the clips had saved into one huge file, instead of all the separate videos. Not a huge deal, but it would be a nightmare to edit now because I had no way of knowing where I was without just hitting play and running through it all; frame by frame.

Anyhoo, I got it all edited to the best of my rookie ability. (This project was a total learning curve, believe me.) Some of the video is still out of order because there are pieces at the end that were actually in Canada. There were also several times where I had placed my GoPro back in my pocket and wasn't aware it was still recording so you can hear some of the conversation between Mike and I over the CB radios.


There was about 80 minutes of video I whittled down to about 32 minutes. If you actually watch the whole thing, I applaud you!

2014 is in the books, 2015 is behind us and third time is a charm, right? Here's to the 2016 Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride...CHEERS!

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