I know a lot of people never use the bedding in a hotel room or at the very least, check it thoroughly.  Well, if you are the type who travel with your own linens, here is a great idea of what to do with it when you check out.

I posted this on my FB page late Thursday evening and it seems there are some sick individuals out there...like me...who would do this. So since everyone thought it was so funny I figured I would share it with everyone.

OK, so even if you don't travel with your own linens this is something that would be really funny, I think.  The only bad thing about a classic prank like this is you can't watch and enjoy the faces of the maids when they walk in.

I posted this today because I am on the road actually in Sante Fe NM for the weekend and you KNOW I will be doing this.

So go ahead and have some fun.  You only live once!  (pun intended)  I will post my pictures as soon as possible and please share yours if you try this.

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