You know what teens are like these days. They know everything, but when they actually start learning a life skill, like driving, they'll let you know everything you're doing wrong.

So, last week my son Cade, had his Drivers Ed classes. That first day all parents were asked to come in for a parents meeting etc.  We were told in that meeting that by the end of the week our kids would be driving us nuts as our newest "backseat drivers."

Boy, she wasn't kidding and in my house, it only took till Wednesday.  Here is how our conversations would go:

Cade:  "Dude, that was an illegal lane change."

Me: "Dude, serious? That was 100% legal."

Cade: "Not according to my manual it wasn't."

Or how about this one,

Cade: "Dude, that would probably get you arrested."

Me: "Arrested? For what?"

Cade: "Not sure but I think you just broke 3 or 4 laws right there."

Me: "Name one law I just broke."

Cade: "Speeding, unsafe lane change, no turn signal and you didn't come to a complete stop, for starters."

This was when I turned to him and reminded him that the thought of Grandchildren was the only thing keeping him alive at that point and I passed on a lesson my Father taught me and told him to do as I say and not as I do.

In all honesty, he's a great driver and a very smart kid. A smart aleck kid on occasion but by golly he's my smart aleck kid and I love him to death.

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