It's time!  Time for the 2nd annual Journey 4 Justice National Rally in Topeka Kansas where many from across the country will converge on America's Most Hated family to give those cockroaches a taste of their own medicine. Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma etc. Our farthest team this year is New York 2 headed by J4J VP Steve Gorney; their bikes are packed and they leave first thing Wednesday morning.


Journey 4 Justice does not believe in standing in the picket lines of America's Most Hated Family since that is exactly what they want you/us to do.  We don't protest or picket...we'll leave that for them and the rest of the negative bunch.  We like to stay positive and we never even use those "P" words.

We don't hold signs...we hold FLAGS; big difference!

So why do what they want you to do? Keep in mind that every time you show up to stand in a picket line against them they will just laugh because you fell right into their trap and they will also thank all of you for doing so on various digital mediums.

What they DON'T want is for you/us to show up at their homes and so called church invading THEIR privacy.  Oh sure they think it's OK to invade the privacy of others but when Journey 4 Justice members invade theirs it's like hearing a 2 year old whine and cry.


So, that is exactly what is going to happen this weekend:  100's of us will make their life as miserable as we possibly can and it's all 100% legal which makes the 'wet burro's' even more mad. Do we care? Of course not. In fact, we look forward to their antics and rest assured the pig vomit of Topeka WILL call the police to complain, whine and cry that their privacy has been invaded.


Hey PHRED: We are coming so have your phones on speed dial because we laugh at you and are not scared by your evil and illegal ways of doing things!

If you want to take a stand against evil and have always wanted to pee in the wheaties of America's Most Hated Family then  you should join us in Topeka this weekend.

For more details and information just click the big red link below.

Board of Directors:

Charley Barnes - President

Steve Gorney - Vice President

Christina Clark - Treasurer

Erik Jon Barrett - Secretary

Gene Overhoff - Sergeant of Arms



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