Charles Kelley at Boot for New From Nashville
Madi Scruggs, TSM

After seeing Charles Kelley perform for an invite-only crowd last night at the Boot Grill in Loveland, there is no doubt that Lady Antebellum has two very strong lead singers. We all think of Hillary Scott as the lead singer of the band, but Kelley can stand on his own just fine, as he showed us Tuesday night in a very intimate New From Nashville. Dude can sing.

Charles was in town to promote his project, "The Driver",. which is the name of his new single and his new album.  He did a bunch of new songs for the appreciative crowd, but also added a song from Lady A and a cover of an Eagles tune. Then he stuck around for a photo with everyone in the bar who wanted one.

A big thank you to Madi, Sparx, and my wife Jenny for taking the photos, including the meet and greet pics.

Here is some behind the scenes footage you might have missed:

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