I think one of the greatest things to happen in our society lately has been seeing women stand up and being heard. I love that voices that once felt they wouldn't be heard are now being set free. Today is a good day to celebrate that wave and keep it rolling with International Women's Day.

I have always felt and been taught by my dad, that women are the superiors. Men are just here to try to please and impress you. We fail very frequently and are not as needed as we would like to think. I have learned that the women around me are the ones that I lean on and always have. I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong powerful inspiring women my whole life. My mom and grandma were the first loves of my life and the first ones that really wowed me with what they knew, could do and the caring and love they showed. My wife is strongest and most talented person I know. There is nothing she can't do. My daughter has become the same kind of woman. My son has found the perfect match for him and a woman who inspires and makes him better. The two people who are most responsible for me finding a new way of life and a rebirth are Dr. Sandy from Benchmark Medical Group and Susan Moore. They continue to drive and inspire me every single day.

Keep being strong and fighting for what is right. Tolerate no injustice or intimidation. You are woman and you truly do run the world. Beyonce' is right and Helen Reddy preached it over 40 years ago with this one.


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