I've been paying attention.  During Barack Obama's last State of the Union speech, he said,

If you don't like the way things are being run, grab a clipboard, go get some petitions, and run for office."

What I heard in that was "Be the change you want to see."

While my daughter Alyssa wants to be president - like, for a long time now, seriously intends on becoming our president - I'm sure I'll never hold any political office; but I still understand, especially after this past year, that it's really, truly, you and I who make the difference in our neighborhoods, towns, states, nations, world.

That's just one reason I accepted the chance to be on the board for our homeowner's association.  I think, when we get a chance, we should at least try to make some positive contribution to the life we live.  Now, we'll see how THAT goes.

Tuesday night, I followed up on that by attending my first ever political caucus.  It was for people who want to nominate their favorite candidate for the next governor of Colorado.  It as at my girls' grade school.  Some things I had to figure out just to get to this meeting:

*What is a caucus?  From dictionary.com:

  1. a meeting of party leaders to select candidates, elect convention delegates, etc.

*What precinct am I in, so I know which of the many caucus locations I'm supposed to be at?  This was confusing by myself and the people running the show, literally until I was in my seat.

*Why is it important?  Because Election 2018 is all about one party or the other seizing enough control to keep its opposition from going against their wishes.

Once I was there, I learned about how fascinating it was, according to one, to caucus in previous presidential races at the State level, and I couldn't help but become interested.  It also turns out this is a rally for monetary donations, as well as numerous volunteer positions now til November, which have to be upheld, at the risk of candidates losing their nomination altogether.  Running my own business, restoring my home, having a family of five, and doing a morning radio show, I opted out of that.  Tuesday night was an educational opportunity I'm glad I took advantage of, which makes me hungry for further involvement in the future.

I believe apathy, and the conviction we can't make a difference, is perhaps the biggest enemy we face.  I hope to deter at least some of that!



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