How would you feel if CDOT was given access to send and receive data from your car? It could happen as the Colorado State Senate will debate House Bill 1188. That bill would give permission for CDOT to take data directly from your an electronic device in a motor vehicle according to Denver 7.

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In the article, it doesn't say what type of electronic device they are talking about. It could be your car's computer, or could it be your cell phone that is connected to your bluetooth? CDOT's beliefs say that giving up a little privacy could cut down on crashes by up to 80 percent. If the bill passes, they are planning on installing roadside radios that could communicate with vehicles. The radios would take data as well as send data.

The Bill's stated objective is to give the agency data on road conditions, traffic flow, crashes, etc. Sponsors of the bill are saying that the technology would make the roads safer and give better traffic management.

We want to know what your thoughts are on this bill. Would you want to allow CDOT to be able to get in to your car's electronics while you were driving?


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