Caylee Hammack shows courage like Miranda Lambert on her new song, "Small Town Hypocrite." The acoustic warbler shows how happiness is a bird, free to leave whenever it chooses.

The Georgia native and 2019 Taste of Country RISER has no trouble sharing her story in song. If anything, she's had to learn to pull back some to allow radio selections like "Small Town Hypocrite" to remain accessible. This song finds that fine line and traces it, perhaps only crossing over with lyrics that fill spaces, as in "Had me circling rings in the catalogs / For seven years ... and you never got the hint."

No one is going to call the "Family Tree" singer ordinary, which means her trembling voice and style will become instantly identifiable. Strong personal songwriting, a quiet, unique style unlike anyone else in country music, a broken heart spilling country chords over steel guitar and running makeup ... Lambert was that courageous when she started out over 15 years ago. Eventually, it worked for her to the point that it's unfair to compare the two, other than to say Hammack and her fans can at the very least feel comfortable knowing she didn't compromise.

Did You Know?: Jared Scott wrote "Small Town Hypocrite" with Hammack, but it's her story, at times down to the detail.

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Caylee Hammack, "Small Town Hypocrite" Lyrics:

Hand me down dreams got me high in the rafters / Homecoming queen couldn’t be an outsider / So there I’d sit, with a cigarette lit in a leather jacket / I found a boy who was a stranger too / In a one-horse town at a table for two / We had matching scars and matching tattoos / Both dying to fit in / Ain’t that something / We’re just small-town hypocrites.

And that scholarship was a ship that sailed / When I chose you and daddy gave me hell / I made myself into someone else just to love you, damn I loved you / Took all my plans and I put ‘em in a box / Phantom pains for the wings I lost / Had me circling rings in the catalogs / For seven years and you never got the hint / Ain’t that something / I’m just a small-town hypocrite.

Swore we’d be running, running, running this town / But you’re just running, running, running around / And I’m staring at a picket fence / Wondering where the hell time went / I should’ve been running, running, running by now / But I just hang around.

Love shot me out like a rocket / Never to return and man, I forgot it / How it feels to fall from orbit and land on shifting sands / I found my heart at the bottom of a bucket / You said you needed space and baby I bought it / ‘Till you moved in a vinyl sided double wide with a couple of her kids / Ain’t that something / You’re just a small-town hypocrite.

Repeat Chorus

Now I cuss about how things turned and how they should’ve been / The bridges that I burned and the trains I didn’t catch / Like a small-town hypocrite / Just a small-town hypocrite.

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