After signing with Capitol Records Nashville, Caylee Hammack gave country music fans the first taste of her sound and style with 2019's "Family Tree." Together, she, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges crafted an honest, but loving, look at her quirky family: her Tupperware-selling mother, a jailbird uncle, a chain-smoking sister and more characters.

A Georgia native, Hammack was on the other side of the United States -- in Seattle, Wash., to be exact -- when she first heard "Family Tree" on the radio for the very first time. Naturally, the moment was an emotional one. Read on as the singer recounts her reaction to The Boot.

I was in Seattle, and we were going around a turn on the interstate, and I just remember it took me probably 5-10 seconds before I realized it was my song and it was on the radio, it wasn't because I plugged my phone in and it just started playing.

And I just cried like a baby.

Watch Caylee Hammack Perform Her Debut Single, "Family Tree":

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