Carrie Underwood is no stranger to the road, and as such she’s become quite the pro at making it a comfortable and warm place to be. While she does have to spend much of her waking and sleeping time on a tour bus, Underwood recently opened up about her Top 5 touring must-haves.

The ‘Good Girl’ singer was recently interviewed on ‘Nightline‘ and the starlet dished on her touring habits and what keeps her going on the road. At the top of her list are her two dogs, Ace and Penny, who she never fails to bring on the road with her. “They’re with me everywhere,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine not having that little piece of home with me everywhere I go.”

Coming in as the second priority is a fully-stocked refrigerator containing healthy food. The vegan who says she absolutely loves to cook makes sure she doesn’t have to eat out often while on tour, and she opts to skip fast food altogether. “I bring pots and pans and little burners and things like that so I can cook food while I’m on the bus,” she explained. “I’m always buying groceries on my days off.”

Number three on her list? Her personal trainer. Explaining her reasoning behind this one and perhaps not wanting to look high-maintenance, Underwood clarifies, “I do my own hair and make-up on tour, so I feel like I … deserve to have someone motivating me, helping me be the best that I can be physically so I can get through the rigorous tour.”

Fourth in the running of touring imperatives is lots of movies and TV shows on DVD to help kill time on the road. The songstress says it’s a “steam releaser” for her during busy times of touring.

And last but not least, Underwood said she buys a new down-alternative comforter for her bed every time she starts up a new tour. This way, she can make sure her bed is as comfortable as possible and “doesn’t feel like a hotel bed.”

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