Some words are just tough to spell because of the way the English language was created, but there are some impossible town names regardless. Colorado ranked third on the list of toughest names.

Colorado List of Hardest to Spell Towns ThinkStock
Colorado List of Hardest to Spell Towns ThinkStock

If there is a reason to compile a list, they'll do it. And if a list is formed, we guarantee that Colorado will find its way on it somehow.

If we said that there is a Colorado town that made the list of top hard to spell towns and that it ranked number three on the scale of difficulty, would you know what it was?

We had to look at the map, if we need to confess to not really knowing ourselves.

The town is an old historic beauty and considered the gateway to the San Luis Valley. It is Saguache, forget spelling it, say that three times fast.

Saguache was named the third hardest to spell town in the U.S. by a King Digital Entertainment survey, nearly 70 percent of those asked to spell it got it wrong.

The population of Saguache is just under 500 with about 253 men and 231 women. The median household annual earnings are around $27k as compared with the State of Colorado that puts a median income for residents at 56.7k.

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