We are like family here on the morning show at K99. The three of us protect and look out for each other at all cost. Well this morning I went out to my truck to grab something and I spotted Todd's truck in the parking lot. It has been attacked! I was immediately taken aback by the amount of bird poop that had been plastered all over his new truck. What kind of thoughtless feathered creature would do such a thing? I must say that after further investigation there is no way this was the act of single bird. This was a gang effort and we must make a stand. We must find this feathered pooh brigade before they tag other vehicles in the area with their rectal graffiti.

If you have any tips or helpful information that may lead to the capture of these renegades please contact us at K99. We need to find these trouble makers before this turns into a messy situation.

In case you are the victim of an anal aerial attack here are some tips on how to clean your machine.

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