Last week employees at a Colorado coffee shop got the exciting opportunity to act as extras in a new made-for-TV movie that's currently being filmed.

Crews used CoFF33 in downtown Castle Rock for scenes in a new television movie titled "Just Jake." The film's production began a few days ago. On December 2, cameras seen were rolling inside the quaint coffee shop. The front sidewalk and fireplace were also used as a backdrop.

Staff informed curious customers that the movie will be airing on UPTv sometime in the spring.

According to IMDB, "Just Jake" is an uplifting story that involves an emerging country star returning to his hometown to overcome his serious writer's block. While there, he reunites with his high school sweetheart and together they rediscover love and begin to make music together. The upcoming movie is directed by Brandon Clark and features Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes in the leading roles. The movie is based on a screenplay written by Jaimie Engle.

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The craft coffee shop opened in January 2022 but has quickly become a favorite place for residents to sip, work, and meet. Visit CoFF33 at 20 Wilcox Street Suite 111 C in downtown Castle Rock.

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