Of all of our senses, the sense of smell is the most sensitive in my opinion. The sense of smell can remind you of your favorite food. You could be walking through a store and smell a perfume that smells like your grandparent's house.

Or you could be driving on a county road and your partner asks “Was that you?”.

Then you point to the farm on the left.

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Having an unexpected smell is great when it is pleasant. When it is not pleasant, that is when many of us start gathering questions.

Many residents in Colorado, especially Denver, will be asking why it stinks like fish everywhere. Here is your answer.

Fish Smells in Denver Explained


KDVR reports that callery pear trees will start to bloom soon in Colorado.

The famous tree is known to smell like rotting fish. Why? Some insects are attracted to the smell.

Humans, on the other hand, don't want to be around a tree that smells like Pike Place Market in Seattle while we are trying to enjoy a ham sandwich on our lunch break.

Can We Get Rid of the Trees in Colorado?


Getting rid of the callery pear tree would be a difficult task considering that they are an invasive species.

Yes, we can get rid of them. It would take a ton of time, effort, and money though.

@pinelandsnursery Invasive Species are a BIG problem. One invasive tree your sure to see right now is Callery Pear. #nativeplants #healthyplanet #plants #conservation #restoration #plantnative #native #ecology #habitat #nativehabitat #invasiveplants #invasives ♬ original sound - PinelandsNursery

The question would be whether or not it is worth it due to the short time when the air smells funky. So prepare yourself to smell rotting fish even though you are not by any water or fish market.

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