Last year, 16 teens died in motor vehicle crashes in which they had not been wearing their seat belt. To encourage other teens to buckle up every ride, every time, CDOT is joining the Snapchat train.

Mollie Kendrick/TSM
Mollie Kendrick/TSM

While pizza and slang terms like "bae" have nothing to do with buckling up, emojis, filters, and Snapchat art are the way to almost every teenager's heart these days. CDOT is fully aware of this, and has rolled out an interactive Snapchat campaign to reach them during the time of day when they're most likely to be driving (on their way to school, at lunch, after school, etc.). Messages are all related to reminding kids to buckle up before getting behind the wheel. Geofilters will also be allocated for 20 high schools across the state.

More than 300 high schools statewide were given posters with a Snapcode, prompting students to follow CDOT's account, generating over 1,400 followers.

The CDOT Snapchat campaign will run through Friday, September 23. And to be clear, CDOT obviously does not encourage Snapping and driving at the same time.

Both Weld and Larimer counties are among the top counties with teen traffic deaths in 2015. Weld County had 5 fatalities while Larimer County had 3.

Wearing a seat belt reduces everyone's chance of fatal injury by 45% in a crash. Unbuckled drivers and passengers are also 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash and increase the risk of death and injury to others in the vehicle by 40%.

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