The Denver Broncos will be having a couple of big changes this weekend.

Not only will their game against the Buffalo Bills be on Saturday, but as the team announced Tuesday they'll be donning their color rush uniforms and bringing back the old school "Broncos D" logo for the game this weekend.

Color rush uniforms in the NFL are either REALLY good or REALLY bad and in my opinion. The Broncos color rush unis are really good. I'm actually a big fan of their current uniforms but I'm a sucker for nostalgia and seeing them have that old " Broncos D" logo is going to bring back lots of memories.

Back in the day, I used to collect the mini football helmets and other than my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers helmet... that Broncos helmet was always one of my favorites. Growing up in Ohio, all of my family (except me and my Dad) were Cleveland Browns fans and when John Elway and the Broncos broke Browns' fans hearts with "The Drive and The Fumble" in back to back years, I PROUDLY displayed that helmet for all to see. (I wasn't very popular within my family for quite some time because of that too)

However you feel about the color rush uniforms and the old school logo, I'm sure their bound to bring back many fond memories of a time less complicated and perhaps...just perhaps can spark a little " Mile High Magic" with an upset of the first place Buffalo Bills on Saturday.

My top 3 memories and games from the "Broncos D" era:

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