I have a tendency to have my 'guy card' stripped now and then for some not so manly activities. Yesterday I believe I earned a platinum one. I don't often have overly manly days so when I do I have to point them out so I get some credit.

We have been doing a lot of home improvement work and cleaning lately. Our home has never looked better. Last night my wife was heading out to get her hair done and mentioned to me that it would so nice if I could somehow clean our vaulted popcorn looking ceiling. We have that bumpy popcorn looking stuff on our ceiling which does nothing but collect spider webs and wads of dirt and dust. It is so hard to clean that you tend to just let it collect until you can see it wave in the breeze.

I got the brilliant idea to grab the leaf blower and blast the ceiling. Call me crazy but it worked beautifully. My ceiling is clean as new and it only took a few seconds. Who says leaf blowers are for outdoor use only? Check out the video here and happy housecleaning.

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