Brett Young adds flair to the holiday season with his rendition of "Silver Bells." The country crooner is contributing his distinct style to one of his favorite Christmas songs, spicing it up with an R&B flavor.

Young is suave and subdued as he adds his own vibe to the Christmas classic. A soft guitar solo contributes to the song's sense of serenity.

"Silver bells / Silver bells / It's Christmastime in the city / Ring-a-ling, hear them sing / Soon it will be Christmas day," Young croons over the R&B beat adorned with gentle jingle bells.

"Aside from "Silver Bells" being one of the most well-known classic Christmas songs, it’s specifically always been one of my favorites,” Young shares. "I think a song that's able to lend itself to so many different versions is a special thing and this one seems to be extremely versatile. Also, it just makes me happy when it comes on and that’s what Christmas is all about.”

Fans were quick to share their approval on Instagram, with Young's No. 1 fan, his wife Taylor Mills Young, praising, "Soooooo good babe! Just so good." Another fan promises the track "definitely will be in my playlist," while someone else proclaims, "I AM IN LOVE! It sounds so good. <3 thank you for this."

Young recently revealed that he hopes to record a Christmas album in the future. He doesn't plan to write new Christmas music for it, but instead will lend his voice to the established numbers.

"I've been talking a lot about doing it, more than just one song — whether it's an EP or a full-length — and what we can do to make it a little different. Because I don't wanna write Christmas songs," he describes. "I would love to do the classics, but in a different vibe or style."

The singer is also in the process of recording his third studio album, which he hints may arrive as soon as January.

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