Could it be, could the Boy Scouts of America really start packs excluding homosexual boys? In the Christian Science Monitor it is saying that some religious leaders are pushing for boys to leave the organization after the Boy Scouts of America decided to allow homosexual boys into the organization.

If boys don't leave the organization, could troops start forming that individually don't allow gay boys? Most troops are sponsored by third parties and those third parties are mostly churches. The new ruling that will take effect next year will put those sponsor in a tough place. It is now being asked after a year and a half of sex abuse scandals already will the Boy Scouts, with the new ruling, benefit or will they see a falling of their organization?

Some believe that the new ruling won't change anything as there have been gay scouts for a lot longer than this issue has come to the forefront and only now are some scouts coming out...

"I don't think it's going to impact scouting because there are already gay members," Melanie Mork, the mother of Alex Mork in Wyoming's Troop 101, told the Wyoming News on Friday. "Young men have come out and said, ‘I am gay and I’m a Scout,’ and it didn’t impact their ability to become an Eagle Scout. And I think we’ll hear more of those types of stories as they become free to do that under this change.”

Stand up and be heard, what do you think about the decision and do you think that this new ruling will forever change the face of the Boy Scouts?


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