With so many great bowling options around Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley, it’s a wonder when you see a commercial to ‘go bowl’. Seems everybody already is!

I saw this commercial the other day, and thought of my old lanes, Sweetheart Lanes, and wanted to get out and have some fun!

This spot cracks me up! It’s like one of those Bud Light “Up For Anything” commercials! People, just minding their business, when BAM! Here come some giant bowling pins and bowling balls! Let’s go bowling!!

I grew up in Loveland bowling, mostly, at Sweetheart Lanes. Lucky Strike was around then too (on Hwy 402), but we didn't get to that side of town much. Today, Sweetheart Lanes remains as one of the few bowling centers not under the Chipper’s umbrella.

In the tri-city area, there’s Sweetheart, Highland Park Lanes in Greeley, and the new center- The Summit, outside of Windsor. Other than that- you’re bowling at Chippers. ALL of these places are great, in their own way- Sweetheart Lanes will always hold a place in my heart, but I can’t tell you the amount of fun I've had at Chipper’s Horsetooth Center; and The Summit is just a kick in the pants with those VIP lanes!

Meanwhile, can you imagine, hanging out at Greeley Mall or at The Metrolux 14, when all of the sudden these characters bust in and get you to go throw some strikes?  What a hoot! Then, at the last second the bowling ball knocks that pin down.... classic!

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