Coloradans are lucky to share the Rocky Mountain region with so many unique species of animals. From massive moose and enchanting herds of elk to tiny turtles and the smallest of songbirds, thousands of different creatures call Colorado home. But part of living amongst wildlife is respecting their natural habits and avoiding disruption as much as possible.

Right now, it's coyote mating season in Colorado, which means these furry canines are out in full force. Coyote breeding season lasts from mid-January to mid-March. During this time, these animals are a bit bolder and more aggressive too.

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Because coyotes are more active during mating season, there are more reports of interactions between these animals and domestic pets. Lately, Coloradans have been using apps like NextDoor to warn neighbors about coyote sightings in specific areas. Unfortunately, there have been several cases reported in cities across Colorado where coyotes have attacked and even killed dogs. As pack animals, they sometimes team up and take on larger dogs. It's important to be extra cautious with pets when they are outside, especially during the nighttime hours.

Coyotes tend to be most active at dawn and during the night. They can be incredibly territorial, but even more so during mating season.

In some rare instances, these canines have been violent towards humans as well. If you do encounter an aggressive coyote, it's best to make as much noise as possible. You should also wave your arms and make yourself look as big as can be. If necessary, throw rocks at the coyote.

Coyotes typically mate for life, and both the males and females share in raising their young. They're also known to be aggressive if their pups are nearby.

To prevent attacks, Coloradans can take measures like always keeping dogs on leashes and not letting cats outside to roam.

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