On Monday, Weld County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a rare report of a bear at Weld County Road 15 and Highway 34.  Deputies assisted Department of Wildlife Officers to encourage the bear to return to its natural habitat. 7News in Denver provided the video which includes pictures from the Greeley Tribune.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Department provided these tips to avoid conflicts with bears:

  • Do not leave food from barbeques and picnics outdoors, especially overnight. Coolers are not bear proof.
  • Replace bird feeders with hanging flower baskets.
  • Store pet food inside and feed pets inside. If pets must be fed outdoors, feed them only as much as they will eat.
  • Limit compost piles to grass, leaves and garden clippings, and turn piles regularly.
  • Store garbage in bear-resistant garbage cans or dumpsters. Rubber or plastic garbage cans are not bear-proof.
  • Keep garbage inside a secure building until the morning of pickup

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