Armando Silva creates painting for Big Buckle Ball Live Auction
Jenny Harding, For TSM

Armando Silva is a world renowned performance artist from Greeley who was at the Big Buckle Ball on Saturday creating an original piece for the Greeley Stampede Foundation live auction.

The painting of a bucking bronco brought $26,000 in the auction. One very generous bidder gave $15,000 for the original work of art and then donated it back to the Stampede and it was sold for $11,000 more dollars. Armando also is making 100 prints of the painting and sold them for $35 a piece at the ball. The painting made nearly $30,000 for scholarships for students in Weld County.

A big thank you to my friend Beatrice Del Sal for taking the time-lapse video of Armando at work. You can see him complete the painting in 30 seconds in this YouTube video.

Thanks to my lovely wife, Jenny for taking these photos. Armando included a few pics of the mural he helped create in Downtown Greeley.

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