The world needs 'somebody'. We all seem to be waiting for 'somebody' to save the day. We are counting on 'somebody' to figure out all the problems and work it out for us. We put a lot of pressure and hopes on 'somebody'. Are you ready to be that 'somebody'? We need you.

It is so easy to get caught up in ourselves but still think we have the answers to all the problems if 'somebody' would just do this or that. We all need to be that 'somebody'. Why not you? Why not me? 'Somebody' needs to take the initiative and get it done. It really doesn't take much and people really admire and appreciate 'somebody' who gets things done. Don't wait around for 'somebody' to think of the great idea or do the dirty work that needs to get done to move forward. You are 'somebody' and just might be the 'somebody' that somebody has been waiting for to save their day.

Every single one of us...ALL OF US...are and important and capable 'somebody'. Today find it in yourself to be that 'somebody' that the world is waiting for to get it done.

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