It's official, Pizza Hut restaurants in Colorado, and all over the country, will be bringing back the mini basketballs this week just in time for the NCAA March Madness tournament.

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Mini Basketballs Return To Pizza Hut Restaurants In Colorado

Back in the 90s, it was almost a yearly tradition to order a pizza from Pizza Hut, or then I guess we'd actually eat in the restaurant because they had a couple of big dine-in Pizza Huts around where we lived. Anyways, we'd go in, get a pizza, and for a few extra bucks, get the official Pizza Hut basketball. Were pizzas and basketballs a weird combo? Sure. But it was one of the most popular items around when I was a kid. All of my friends had theirs, so I had to have mine too. I'd bet if I dug around my "this is yours and I want it out of my house" boxes that my parents brought to me when I bought my first house, I could find one of them. Even if I couldn't, it's OK, because they're back, baby.

After over two decades of waiting, beginning tomorrow, March 14th, 2023, you can add one of their limited edition Pizza Hut mini basketballs for just $7. What? Yup, those iconic Pizza Hut stapes from our childhood are back, in black... and red. Plus if you order their other throwback item, the Big New Yorker, the box turns into a hoop just like in the video above.

I hate to break my eating plan, but I've got to have one of these basketballs, so guess what we're having for dinner tomorrow? Should probably make it lunch, just to be safe! Speaking of pizza and throwbacks...

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