The latest interaction with a Wolf in Colorado marks the third of 2022. The latest incident involving two cows occurred near the border of Colorado and Wyoming.

According to CBS Denver, Rancher, Don Gittleson, states he hasn't had any issues with wolves on his land in years. That all changed this week with Gittleson found two cows within two days attacked.

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Tuesday, after the first wolf attack, the cow that was discovered was bleeding badly and had to be put down. The second incident happened the next day where he found another cow dead and half-eaten.

Matt Barnes, a Rangeland scientist, told CBS Denver "that's certainly concerning for the folks who live in North Park, it's also concerning for the folks who care about wolves.". Colorado Parks and Wildlife along with Colorado State University experts are looking for ways to help protect the herds from wolf attacks.

Gittleson expects incidents like like to spread further as the wolf population in Colorado continues to grow. "They will move just like these (wolves) came here, and so Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park... this (wolves) will be what is coming to you".

The first reported wolf attack of 2022 occurred only days into the new year. The incident in which a wolf killed a cow near Walden. Approximately 10 days later, one dog was injured and the other was killed due to a wolf attack in the same area.

Source: CBS Denver

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