The winter sunshine can be a big tease. Who else is ready for spring? Spring is when outdoor events and the fun begins in Colorado.

We all have concepts and theories about when spring will arrive. I remember distinctly being a kid and my Grandpa would predict the weather.

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He would tell me that he could feel it in his bones when spring was right around the corner. I thought he was a magician, but realistically he probably read it in the paper or saw it on the news.

Colorado Animals Can Tell Us A Lot


Often animals are more intelligent than us. As humans, we have all the data, insights, and predictions, but we can also tell when the seasons are changing due to the habits of animals.

I know this sounds silly, but I know winter is truly here in Colorado when my cat's coat gets thick. Call me strange all you want.

If You See These 5 Animals in Colorado, Spring Is Here

Weather is not the only factor for us to know spring is here in Colorado.

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When Spring Should Come to Colorado


According to historical data and predictions, we still have a while until we can celebrate that the frost is finally gone. In Northern Colorado, warm weather is supposed to arrive towards the end of May.

We have to remember that we live in Colorado and you never know what to expect. We can predict and analyze all we want, but at the same time, we must remember that Colorado is generally unpredictable.

Most regions of Colorado have the same timeline as Northern Colorado, but some are different.

You can check out the full frost predictions here.

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