And it's not just one service either.

Before I go too far, let me just say that home delivery is incredible. The fact that you can purchase something with the tap of a button and then it arrives on your front porch is mind blowing. And to be frank, it saved us and many businesses during the pandemic with just about anything being available for delivery. Now, I prefer to go into a store and walk out with my product, but I can still appreciate the magnificence of this concept.

I have had some issues in the last week and I'm curious if I'm the only one.

Please note that this is not a slam on anyone who works in this industry or for these businesses, and I'm certainly not knocking the businesses themselves. After all, these things happen. And with the pandemic, I'm surprised this whole infrastructure hasn't just collapsed from exhaustion. I'm not even mad, I just find it laughable that they've all happened within the last seven days.

1. I had an overnight package be delayed with FedEx. Again, these things happen. However, FedEx is usually the one you go to when you need something to get to its destination in a hurry, is it not? It was a document that we definitely could have used on the day it was supposed to arrive however, waiting one extra day wasn't the end of the world.

2. A package arrive for me via USPS. It was a pretty pink sealed bag (from the boutique I ordered from), but it was also inside of another clear plastic bag. I thought it was odd. Then I turned it over to see a note from the Postal Service apologizing for the damage done to my package. Honestly, this has never happened to me and I had to read it a second time. From what I could tell after opening it, nothing was broken however, the package itself was wet. Eww.

3. This one I watched on our doorbell camera. An Amazon delivery man was waltzing up to our porch with a sealed envelope. He was swinging the package back and forth before taking an abrupt swing at something. It must have been a fly or something because it was definitely a swatting motion. Well, that force was just strong enough to send the item in the package (a web cam) tearing through the seam of the envelope and soaring across the yard. He stopped in shock before retrieving the item, placing it back in the envelope and apologizing profusely into the camera.

In light of everything we've been through in the last year, this is all petty stuff. Really, it's minimal and all just a part of life. It's actually laughable looking back.

What's the worst or funniest delivery experience you've had?

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