After being closed for more than six weeks, Tortilla Marissa's on South College in Fort Collins will reopen to the public on Saturday at 11.

In late June that one of their employees was diagnosed with hepatitis A. The restaurant then closed voluntarily for the length of the disease's incubation period, to make sure no other employees had contracted it.  According to the Coloradoan, none of the 14 other restaurant staff ever showed any symptoms.

The Larimer County Department of Health completed two pre-opening inspections Tuesday and Wednesday at Tortilla Marissa's before giving the OK to open.

Let me just say, I hope I am first in line when Tortilla Marissa's re-opens. It is a great restaurant. It is safe and I have 100% confidence in the owners of the restaurant. I hope they are slammed with business on Saturday. They did everything right in this very unfortunate situation.

Message From The Owners of Tortilla Marissa's

Tortilla Marissa's is proud to announce our reopening 11:00 on Saturday, August 9th!

We are excited to see all of our loyal customers and appreciate the support from the community during our voluntary closure to protect the public's health after an employee contracted Hepatitis A through an unknown source. The Larimer County Health Department assures us that there were no other reported cases of Hepatitis A associated with our restaurant and have approved us to reopen.  We closed for the 50 day incubation period to clean and sanitize the restaurant in order to protect the health of our wonderful customers and staff.

Thank you for your many years of support and we look forward to many more!

Mike & Louann

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