I have written many pieces about the power of a smile and how it can spread like wildfire and help create a better world. We all have the power to effect other people by how we present ourselves. This is important to do as a member of society, representing yourself but even more important in the business world.

As a consumer, I make a conscious decision to shop at a store or restaurant. I could have picked anywhere to spend my money but I chose your place of business to spend my money. I deserve at least a smile. If you are working in the public, the most important part of your uniform is a smile. Just like you put on your work shirt and name tag each day you need to wear a smile.

I went to a big entertainment store the other day where I have spent a lot of money on movies, computers, phones and iPads. I grabbed the movie I wanted and walked up to the counter. The lady didn't even look up and just said "phone number". I gave her my number with a smile hoping it would spread. She wasn't in the mood to play. I was handed my movie without a word and sent on my way. I felt like going back in and telling her that I could have bought this at the store 2 doors down and maybe been made to feel welcome. I sat in my car in the parking lot and called the manager and told him that I love his store and will still shop there but you need to make your people wear a smile and make me feel welcome. He agreed and apologized big time. I didn't want trouble, just a pleasant shopping experience.

Put that smile on today. We all need it and it helps your business.

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