Maybe it's because I have always had a fear of my wife killing me in my sleep. Maybe it's because I have been listening to too much Carrie Underwood. I am not sure why but I have had songs about women killing men in my head lately and there have been a bunch in the history of country music.

I think it was Loretta Lynn who first started singing about the power of women and fighting back against the evil that men do. That fierceness has been passed on to Miranda, Carrie and many others. As I was putting together a list of songs about women killing bad men I realized that most of Carrie Underwood's songs are about exactly that. If I were her husband I would never close both eyes. This woman has given some very detailed thought to how to kill a man. Beware Mike Fisher.

There were a lot to choose from but here is a full clip of women killing men songs. Behave fellas...or else!

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