Brian Gary once wrote a post about NBA players and their selfish behavior.  I couldn't agree more that when it comes to professional athletes, many don't realize just how lucky they are and I have been enraged at NFL holdout Maurice Jones-Drew.


We can only hope the Jacksonville Jaguars hold to their guns and it looks like they have no problem letting this professional whiner sit on the bench and earn $0 this year.

My hang up is that when a player signs a contract that player should be obligated to honor that contract with no 'contract negotiations' taking place till that player is in the last year of his contract.

Isn't it the hope of any team that when they sign a player he becomes the best?  Otherwise what's the point?  So Maurice Jones-Drew has played 3 years out of a 5 year contract but now wants more money because he was the league's leading rusher last year.


Hey Maurice:  THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE PAYING YOU TO DO...BE THE BEST!  Maurice Jones-Drew has been the starter the last 3 years and his team hasn't even made the playoffs and he wants more money?

Hey Maurice: They could have done that with ME on the team!

He has two years remaining on a five-year, front-loaded contract worth $31 million. He is scheduled to make $4.45 million this season and $4.95 million in 2013.

How much this season?  Ridiculous...I hope you sit on the bench because Jacksonville is not going to trade you so shut your mouth, get the pads on and do what you were paid to do and show a little gratitude.

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