Last weekend I got to drive that $40,000 dream we’re giving away from Ehrlich Nissan! This giveaway is something that could change your life!

This 2011 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4 is AWESOME!  317 horsepower; 5-speed automatic with shift-on-the-fly 4 wheel drive—a king of the asphalt jungle-and dirt roads to boot!

It’s the Biggest and Best Truck Giveaway ever for K99-- but it occurred to me as I drove it around Loveland- that this is a win that could really change YOUR life.

“Honey, you know what the Titan needs? Some camping gear.”

So, next thing you know, you’ve got all this great camping gear.

“Sugar, you know what I’m thinking? The Titan needs… a portable BBQ”

“I’m thinking this year-- we get the Titan- a BOAT!”

“Baby, look out there at the Titan: all that camping gear, a BBQ, that boat...

you can see what it needs—a weekend away!”

“Let’s go!”

Next thing you know- you’re life is completely different- for the better!

What this truck needs--- is YOU!

Listen for the cue to call 4 times a day- 7:20am, 9am, Noon and 3pm—the 9th caller gets a KEY that could be the ONE KEY to win this truck from Ehrlich Nissan on June 4th!

You can also sign up to win a Key AT Ehrlich Nissan and here at!

Good Luck!

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