We all love a good beer, but we also know that it is time to branch out from brewing and dip your toes into some of Northern Colorado’s favorite wineries. Add a winery visit to your itinerary and you have now just scheduled the ideal Colorado afternoon for yourself or a group.

Hidden on the narrow, winding road to Estes Park sits the perfect destination for your next winery visit. Sweet Heart Winery is located off Highway 34 in Loveland with a scenic view of the Big Thompson River. The plethora of wines that they offer are perfect for any wine lover, with both an elegant white wine and bold red wine variety. Not sure what kind of wine fits you? Don’t worry, they offer wine tastings in order to ensure you are 100% satisfied when choosing your glass, bottle or flight. Not only do they offer wine, but they have food trucks, and a cheese or charcuterie plate when the afternoon hunger craze hits you. Sweet Heart Winery is also a beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies, hence their romantic title. With a peaceful outdoor landscape and rustic indoor reception room, Sweet Heart Winery is the best option for both joining in on the wine tribe and joining in holy matrimony.

For our northwest Colorado wine lovers, Ten Bears Winery will suit you to a tee. Located off Highway 287 in LaPorte, Colorado, this winery will exceed anyone’s expectations. Ten Bears grows their own Colorado grapes and prides themselves on their French Oak Aging and Winter Hibernation Process techniques to ensure that each customer will come back wanting more. Not a wine fan? That’s great, they have Cider options for those who want to stray from the typical glass of wine. Ten Bears Winery will leave anyone in need of a fresh beverage ‘bear-y’ content.

Not sold on visiting a winery? Whatever the reason is, Blendings At the Preserve will change your mind within seconds. Blendings’ wine mantra is “Wine without rules,” and they reign true to that statement with the option of creating your own Blending experience. If none of the pre-made wines jump out at you, why not just create your own? You can reserve your spot to work hands-on with your own personal winemaker to create a blend that you will love. Gear your new wine to your specific palate so that when you bottle it, seal it and add your personalized label, you can take it home to your family and friends to show off your new wine-making skills. Blendings at the Preserve is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming a wine aficionado, dabble in the urban Fort Collins winery called “Infinite Monkey Theorem.” Not only will their wine pick up your spirits, but their namesake theorem will have you and your friends questioning additional life theorems in no time. The Infinite Monkey Theorem states on the website, “that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.” Infinite Monkey Theorem is to wine as William Shakespeare is to words – give this winery a try and let it speak for itself.

Wineries do not just reside in cities, in fact Snowy Peaks Winery in Estes Park is the perfect mountain winery after frolicking in the Rockies. Add Snowy Peaks to your mountain to-do list for a sample of Colorado’s award-winning wines. Not only are these wines top notch, but you can get a sample of Merlot, Syrah, Viognier and Riesling all packed into a convenient wine flight for $8. What goes great with a wine flight and some fresh Colorado altitude? You guessed it - gourmet snacks such as handmade cheeses, rich Colorado chocolates and fresh jams and jellies. Snowy Peaks Winery knows that your mountain trip needs to be family friendly, which is why they built the perfect “No Wine-ing Zone,” for the future wine lovers of America, with free juice tastings so no one feels left out of the Rocky Mountain tasting experience.

Regardless of your preferences, Colorado’s wineries will leave any jaw dropped. Next time you’re making the trek to a brewery near you, “wine-not” stop your GPS, and re-route to any of these juicy destinations for a refreshing surprise.

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