I never know what to expect moneywise when it comes to the 28 Hours of Hope but the one thing I can always expect is to be moved and inspired and that certainly happened again. You donated nearly $150,000 to the cause and I am still in awe. This truly is the most giving and loving community on the planet.

There are so many people responsible for this but I would like to just say a few a words of thanks to some of them. Thank you to YOU for your kind hearts and words. You inspire us with your kindness and giving hearts. Thank you to all the artists who called and showed their support. Thank you to the volunteers who sat here and answered all the calls coming in and visiting with all the folks who stopped by. Thank you the staff here at Townsquare for all their help and support. Thank you to the local Elks Lodge's for their amazing support. Thank you to Nikki, Kirby, Tricia, Jordan, Genie, Maury, and all of my overnight angels who keep us going through the whole event. Thank you to Justin and Pat for the support and allowing us to do this. Thank you once again to the wonderful kids of Wellington.Thank you to our families for their love and understanding. Thank you to Chris for giving every bit of her heart and more into this event. Thank you to Martin Lind and his amazing group of friends for all the support. Wow! Thank you to Todd for being the man who puts this all together and being the best partner a person could ever want. Thank you most of all to the people who shared their stories and gave their hearts and souls to this event.

I am so proud to live here and call you my friends. This is an amazing place and we made a difference last week. A difference that will last for generations to come but we must not stop. The fight goes on and we will keep showing up. Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of these children.

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