I thought we'd covered all of the recent unusual bear intrusions, but apparently I was wrong.  Thank goodness this one kept going on its path as the runners did the same!

Donald Sanborn via Facebook
Donald Sanborn via Facebook

Then again, maybe it was Man who was intruding.  I suppose it depends on who you ask.  It DID happen in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, which seems like a place where a bear should be able to do his thing unobstructed.

Much like you or I would do if we were a bear, this one waited patiently on the side of the road for a gap to open up among all the runners, before sprinting to the other side.

When I run, surroundings are everything.  There have been times I felt I couldn't finish a 5K because where I was was kind of lame.  This would've helped me because a) excitement and entertainment multiply the distance and time I can run, and b) something about seeing a bear would probably make me run faster.

This, after these all came about within the past month:

And, just in case:

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